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Annual Fund

Like nearly every independent school, Curtis relies on voluntary, tax-deductible gifts from parents, alumni and their families, grandparents and friends of the school to help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Curtis School education.

Every Gift Counts!

Your contribution to the Curtis Annual Fund gives us the greatest flexibility to use your gift where it is most needed. Annual Fund giving ensures Curtis School's ability to provide the educational programs, resources and school environment that not only optimize students' learning, creativity and social development, but enable children to flourish. Annual Fund gifts support the school's exceptional academic, visual and performing arts, and athletics programs. The Annual Fund helps provide the salaries and benefits that allow Curtis to attract and retain its outstanding faculty and the financial aid it is able to extend to deserving students who otherwise would not be able to attend our school. The Annual Fund provides computer technology and software for classrooms and labs and enables the school to introduce innovative programs. The Annual Fund supports professional development for teachers, keeps our campus and physical plant beautiful and secure and touches nearly every facet of school operations. All gifts made to the Curtis Annual Fund are applied to the cost of operating the school in the current year. Your gift will benefit our students, faculty and school programs today.

2019-20 Participation in Annual Giving:

  • Current Families:
  • Faculty & Staff:
  • Trustees:

Percentage Raised Towards 2019-20 Goal

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10
  11. 0

Every dollar counts! Thanks for your meaningful support.

Thank you for establishing a robust tradition of giving!

For nine consecutive years, Curtis has achieved 95-100% participation in Annual Fund giving by families, faculty, staff and members of the Board of Trustees. Let's make it a decade this year!