Outdoor Education programs are a part of the school curriculum in grades 3 through 6. Curtis School partners with a local outdoor education vendor, Fulcrum Learning Systems, to deliver a customized program for our students that engages them in activities that focus on communication, collaboration and reflection. Program elements take place both on and off campus.
In 3rd grade, Fulcrum's outdoor education instructors visit campus three times and conduct programs designed around the theme of "teamwork." Third grade students also travel off campus to tackle a ropes course on the annual Third Grade Challenge Day.

In 4th grade, Fulcrum educators visit campus four times during the year to work with students around the theme of "conflict resolution." In 5th grade, activities during a one-day, off-campus mini-retreat and three on-campus sessions concentrate on "problem solving."

Sixth graders kick off the school year with a three-day overnight retreat, which includes building bicycles for St. Joseph Center clients with students from a local community school, a ropes course program, and team-building activities. The retreat focuses on leadership, teamwork, and empathy.