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The Curtis Library is a key resource that supports each child's academic growth and individual interests while helping our students acquire the skills they will need in order to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.
From the inviting reading patio and entryway to the technologically advanced Maker Space, the library provides space that supports student learning, fosters a lifelong love of reading, develops essential research and information processing skills, and provides guidance from trained information specialists.

The library offers an extensive array of print and electronic resources that have been carefully selected to support the Curtis School curriculum as well as to nurture an appreciation for and love of literature. Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library, the Upper Elementary division has access to a vast store of information via databases, ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital media.

The Curtis Library program offers a wide range of activities and learning experiences for students. From Author Days to the Caldecott Art Project, from monthly Design Challenges to Book Club, every experience is carefully planned to cultivate literacy skills and a love of reading and establish a strong foundation of crucial 21st century information gathering and processing skills.

Libraries around the world are evolving and adapting to the technological advances that are shaping society. The Curtis Library is a key resource that supports each child's academic growth and individual interests while helping our students acquire the skills they will need in order to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

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  • Lower Elementary Library

    The library curriculum seeks to support and extend the language arts, social studies, and science skills that are being taught in the classroom. Responses to literature may include art, math, science, and/or creative writing activities. A wide variety of literary genres and cultures are represented in the books used for story time. The library program encourages independent reading through book talks, provides individual help with book selection, and promotes the idea that reading is fun as well as valuable.

    The library curriculum encourages students to:
    • Select appropriate materials for independent reading
    • Identify the title, author, and illustrator of a book
    • Relate the events of a story to his/her life experiences
    • Explore perspectives outside his/her own through stories
    • Recap the sequence of events
    • Make predictions as to outcome or behavior of characters
    • Demonstrate comprehension of the text though discussion
    • Use Venn diagrams, charts, and graphs to organize ideas
    • Listen attentively
    • Learn library vocabulary
    • Understand the specific arrangement of materials in the library
    • Use nonfiction books and materials to find information
  • Upper Elementary Library

    The library curriculum for Grades 3 through 6 is designed by the library media teacher in collaboration with the classroom teachers to ensure that students have the research skills necessary to succeed in school and to become lifelong learners. After a research project is designed, the library provides the resources needed to complete the project successfully. At the same time, the library program encourages students to become lifelong readers as well. Students are encouraged to read challenging literature in a wide array of genres, to react to it, and express their thoughts. The library offers 5th and 6th Grade Book Clubs as one way for students to read and discuss literature. Lunchtime games and activities for students and volunteer opportunities for parents/guardians are also offered through the library.
  • Maker Days

    "Maker Days," inspired by the TV Show Making It, take place in the Maker Space each month and are a big favorite, especially of our Lower Elementary students. Upper Elementary students can be found there working on a variety of curriculum-focused projects as well. Parent volunteers are invited to join the librarians in assisting students with making a craft or activity during "Maker Days" each month.
  • Book Clubs

    Book clubs are an option available to Curtis 5th and 6th graders. This opportunity provided by the library nurtures our students' love of reading. Book clubs introduce students to literature and promote the development of students' analytical abilities. Group discussion, facilitated by the librarians, introduces students to new ideas and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas with their peers.

    Book clubs meet about once a month to discuss books of the students' choosing.
  • Author Days

    3rd and 4th Grade Author Day with Sarah Mlynowski

    Sarah Mlynowski is the New York Times bestselling author of the Whatever After series and the Upside-Down Magic series, which she co-writes with Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins. Her books have been translated into twenty-nine languages and optioned to Hollywood. We are lucky to welcome Sarah as a visiting author and also a Curtis parent!

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