Fall 2019

Registration for the Fall 2019 Extension session is closed. 

Fall 2019 Extension Ending Dates

Fall 2019 Extension Class Offerings
To support the school's mission to nurture a well-rounded child and to encourage each student to achieve his or her full intellectual and personal potential, we offer a variety of extracurricular, after-school classes in two extension sessions per school year. The classes we offer are chosen to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests. Some are taught by Curtis School employees; others by third-party contractors. All classes meet on campus.

  • Classes: Extension sessions include choices for students in all grades (DK-6). Some classes are open to all students; others are limited to a range of grades. Some classes limit enrollment and others have a minimum enrollment requirement. You will find these details in the class description. Any class that does not meet a minimum threshold enrollment level will be canceled and parents/guardians will receive a refund of fees paid.
  • Schedule: Extension classes meet from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., rain or shine. Class meetings that fall on a holiday or a Faculty Workshop Day will be rescheduled. If a class session is canceled for any reason, you will be notified.
  • Extension Procedures: At carpool dismissal time, extension students will meet at the lunch area adjacent to the playground. From 3:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. snacks will be provided, and at 3:30 p.m. all students will be escorted to the campus location designated for their class.
  • Pick-Up: Extension classes end at 4:30 p.m. All extension students who are not picked up by 5:00 p.m. will be signed into Day Care and parents will be billed according to the current Day Care fee schedule. Please refer to the 2018-2019 Curtis School Parent and Student Handbook, section XII After-School Programs, for a statement of school policy.
  • Fees & Payment: Because instructors base curriculum materials upon initial enrollment, there will be no refunds after the first class meeting. Proration of class fees is not offered for late enrollment. To register and pay online, use the Payment Form in the right panel. If you would like to pay by check, please complete the online registration and select check as your form of payment to save a spot for your child, which you can then submit separately along with the brochure for reference to Christine Sorfazian in the Facilities Office. If you want to pay by credit card, please sign up online.

If you have any questions about classes or about general policies and procedures, please contact the Facilities Administrative Assistant and Extension Coordinator.

Fall Program Offerings

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    Grades K-3

    Arts & Crafters celebrates the creativity in all of us! Students will craft their way through weekly projects using a variety of artmaking media and techniques. Ever wanted to make your own musical instrument or glowing paper lantern? Or sculp a silly snake and build a papier maché bowl? Come join us for all of these arts and crafty projects plus way more.  (Max. 20 students)

    Grades K-3

    Backstage Beatz gives students a behind-the scenes look at what it takes to put on a show. Students will get a chance to take on the role of actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, costume designer and set designer. Students will experience collaboration, teamwork and creativity while singing and dancing along to songs from hit Broadway shows! (Max. 15 students)

    Grades K-6

    CHESS—the greatest board game! Come learn how to play the game of KINGS (and QUEENS!) Students will learn the rules, basic strategies and tactics, and how to checkmate their opponent’s king. CHECKMATE!

    Grades 1-6

    This class teaches advanced chess strategy, tactics and openings. The first 30 mins. of class is a detailed lesson and the second 30 mins. is free play where the students put what they learned into practice by playing against fellow classmates. (Note: this class is open to students who have taken two sessions of beginning chess or students who play tournament chess).

    Grades DK-2

    Who doesn't like building their wildest creations? Students will be able to create their fantasy projects with a variety of different materials including: LEGOs, Magnatiles, wheels and axles, etc. They will design their own race tracks and race their own mega-cars. Students will be able to build their own bridges, towers and castles. Teamwork is key as students will also be working together in teams to accomplish engineering tasks. Students will be able to build and experiment with different designs using different materials.  (Max. 15 students)


    Grades DK-2

    Get ready to show your school spirit! Join the squad and work together on offense/defense cheers, chants, and halftime and sideline dance routines! The squad will cheer at a Curtis game. Go Cougars!

    Grades K-3

    You're never too young to code with Scratch Jr.! Learn how to think computationally through hands-on activities and MIT's Scratch Jr. visual programming language. Students will engage in computational thinking by learning how to break down complex problems into smaller parts, recognize patterns within their environment and create algorithms to define solutions to accomplish their goals. Students will make their own animations and games in Scratch Jr.'s easy-to-grasp interface and express their creative voice through their very own code. (Max 12 students)


    Grades 2-3

    This is a 7-week introductory class to swim competitions. Sign up and work on stroke development, race starts, race finishes, turns and endurance training. Swimmers must be able to swim 2 lengths of the Curtis pool. (Max. 20 students)
  • PERSIAN 101

    Grades K-6

    This course offers a communicative approach to learning Persian language and culture through an interactive teaching style to help students develop all five language skills:  listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural introduction. (Max. 15 students)

    Grades K-3

    Get ready for some signing-time fun. In this session, students will combine the power of sign language and music to create an exceptional learning experience. American Sign Language (ASL) is a language used by deaf and hard of hearing people in North America. This class will have you prepared for your first encounter with a deaf or hard of hearing person. Come join and have a blast! (Max. 15 students) 

    Grades 5-6

    This course will focus on fundamental debate skills, such as the building blocks of argumentation, the art of rebuttal and how to "flow" a debate. Participants will learn research skills, dive deeply into debate topics, and explore the role of each speaker in a parliamentary debate round. Please note that participation in the course does not guarantee an invitation to the 6th-grade competitive Debate Team. (Max 20 students)

    Grades K-4

    Learn how to hand sew and embroider with Miss Shannon’s Sewing. Projects include a side sliding pouch, a heart sachet, mini felt dog, fall embroidery and super cuddly bear that comes in fluff or velvet.  (Max. 18 students) 

    Grades K-5

    Create fun and functional objects of art in this unique class. In this session of Ceramics, students will create a Wacky Snowman, fabricate a Bobble Head Statue of their very own, design a Scene of Spring, build a fabulous Flower Pot, fabricate a Mini Drum, and envision a Creation of Their Imagination. Techniques such as coiling, slab building, and pinching will be explored. Once painted and fired, your artwork will spring to life from our kiln and into your home. Don't miss out on the fun! (Max. 24 students)
  • CHOPPED (K-1)

    Grades K-1

    Culinary Kids Academy is a revolutionary program that combines math, science and history into fun and yummy cooking workshops! CKA builds independence, boosts self-esteem, produces adventurous and healthy eaters, promotes responsibility, advances academic growth, teaches valuable life skills and is a flat-out BLAST! Join CKA's take on the Food Network's popular competition cooking show, "CHOPPED." This intro class will concentrate on developing fine motor and other skills geared specifically for our younger chefs. (Max. 16 students)

    Grades 2-5

    Culinary Kids Academy is a revolutionary program that combines math, science and history into fun and yummy cooking workshops! CKA builds independence, boosts self-esteem, produces adventurous and healthy eaters, promotes responsibility, advances academic growth, teaches valuable life skills and is a flat-out BLAST! Join CKA's take on the Food Network's popular competition cooking show, "CHOPPED"! CHOPPED MASTERS will make your child look like a professional sous chef. (Max. 20 students)


    Grades 3-6

    Homework Club is an opportunity for students to have a structured and supervised environment in which to complete their homework. The teacher is available to answer questions, work out difficulties, and create a study environment without distractions. Homework Club is ideal for students who need a little support with their homework.

    Grades DK-4

    Join this exciting martial arts program with Master Richard Alonzo and increase your focus, respect, and self-discipline! Master Alonzo's teaching method combines wit and humor with challenging physical activities to further develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Students will be tested and can earn belts at the end of the session. Don't miss out! (Max 21 students)

    Grades K-4

    Come serve it up with TGA Premier Youth Tennis. Join this 5-level fun and innovative program that includes games, drills and physical fitness activities that improve motor skills, agility and hand-eye coordination. Sign up and learn the rules and etiquette of tennis and give yourself the building blocks for future achievement on the tennis court and in life.

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