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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Embrace Diversity: Children learn best, and flourish most, when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences other than their own. Diversity, equity, and inclusion speak to our highest ideals for a just society.

Anti-Bias Curriculum

Our Anti-Bias framework teaches and prepares students to engage in critical self-reflection, to understand that feeling discomfort is part of the anti-bias journey, and to respect each other’s identities.

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  • Anti-Bias Task Force

    The goal of the Anti-Bias Task Force at Curtis School is to promote awareness and acceptance, affirm equity, and take an active stance against bias in our community. We believe that an anti-bias perspective is a proactive approach. We teach children to respect every family’s background, while introducing cultural competency skills to young children in a way that addresses the impact of social stereotypes, bias, and discrimination. We acknowledge that we all have bias and we teach children to recognize and act against it. Our Anti-Bias framework teaches and prepares students to engage in critical self-reflection, to understand that feeling discomfort is part of the anti-bias journey, and to respect each other’s identities.
  • Essential Questions

    • How can we provide a learning environment that is free of misinformation and stereotypes and rich in diverse perspectives?
    • How can we use real-time personal narratives to facilitate discussions with students and families about differences and bias? How do we partner with families around these conversations?
    • How do we provide regular opportunities for a wide range of anti-bias workshop lessons?
  • Learning Goals

    • Identity: Students will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social identities; students will discuss their identities with asset-based language.
    • Diversity: Students will express understanding and appreciation with human diversity; will use respectful language for differences; and, will engage in deep, caring connections with all members of their school community.
    • Justice: Students will increasingly recognize stereotypes, bias and discrimination, have the language and space to discuss and process it, and understand that they can change inequities.
    • Action: Students will demonstrate empowerment and the skills to act, with others or alone, against prejudice &/or discriminatory actions.

Affinity Groups

The Curtis mission to develop sound minds in sound bodies, governed by compassionate hearts, calls us to embrace diversity and provide opportunities of affirming spaces for exploring and celebrating shared identities. Affinity groups are one aspect of supporting a diverse environment because such groups enrich all of Curtis; when one individual feels that they belong, they are invested in making others feel the same way, which further strengthens the entire community. This ripple effect helps increase a sense of belonging for families and children, ultimately supporting the mission of our School. At Curtis, successful and supportive affinity spaces are joyful gatherings of people with a shared identity that nurtures fellowship, connection, and pride.

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  • Curtis School AAPI Affinity Group

    CSAAPI, the Curtis School AAPI Affinity Group, focuses on creating community and celebrating our students, families, and faculty/staff identifying as Asian American or Pacific Islander. Our volunteers partner with the school and PA on initiatives, including cultural programming, "buddy" support for new and existing families, and events that affirm an overall sense of belonging, like our Family Fun Day and Guardian Meet & Greets.
  • Somos Curtis

    Somos Curtis, a Curtis School Affinity Group, is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for students, families, faculty, and staff who identify as Hispanic/Latino. Our mission is to cultivate a sense of belonging while nurturing a deep understanding and appreciation of Hispanic/Latino heritage and identity. Through engaging cultural programming and events, Somos Curtis provides avenues for affirmation and connection. We are committed to offering support and resources to both new and existing families as they navigate their journey within our school community. Together, Somos Curtis celebrates our heritage, promotes inclusivity, and empowers every member of our community to thrive in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
  • The Adoption Affinity Group

    The Adoption Affinity Group is a community for families to share their experiences on adoption and connect with other families for support. Adoption stories are individually unique but have important commonalties. The adoption affinity group is a respectful space to build safe relationships that will enhance the emotional safety net of our kiddos into the future, as adoption is a lifelong journey.  The adoption affinity group is open to any family with a member (not limited to children) who is an adoptee and to families who have a member or members with different biological parents than legal parents (or guardians).
  • The Curtis Black Collective

    The Curtis Black Collective (CBC) and the collaborative efforts with the school promote cultural programming and create a sense of belonging for African American and Black heritage families. These initiatives are essential for building a supportive and inclusive community.

    Gatherings are hosted throughout the year to foster a sense of unity and togetherness among the community members. Each year, we welcome incoming CBC families and celebrate the achievements of our graduating 6th Graders. These events not only help newcomers feel more comfortable and integrated into the community but also recognize and honor the accomplishments of the students. 
  • The Jewish Family Alliance

    The Jewish Family Alliance is an affinity group for families and faculty members of the Curtis community who are committed to the well-being of Jewish heritage-identifying students and families at Curtis. The goal of this affinity group is to create a place for those who identify with Judaism as a religion, ethnicity, culture, or some combination to come together and connect. Our mission is to celebrate, support, and encourage positive identity development for Jewish families at Curtis, while also providing these same families increased opportunities to connect, share, and grow alongside our greater Curtis community. This affinity group hopes to create a sense of safety, pride, and preparedness that will benefit our students, our families, and the greater Jewish community at Curtis.

Community Groups

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  • Parents Group on Inclusivity (PGI)

    PGI is a discussion group that provides a forum for Curtis parents and guardians to explore topics related to equity and inclusivity. All parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in PGI.
    PGI offers a unique opportunity to focus on what we can do to teach our children how to value people—all aspects of people, including race, class, gender, religion, ability, and more. Through PGI, parents and guardians can openly share their stories, ideas, and experiences in an effort to support each other and the development of our children as 21st century global citizens, who utilize empathy, inquiry, and self-reflection as key skills to interact in the world.
  • Breaking Bread

    Facilitated by our Director of Equity, Curriculum, and Instruction and our School Counselor and Community Liaison for DEI, Breaking Bread is a unique opportunity for our 5th and 6th Grade students to build stronger relationships with each other and the world around them. Just as the adults in our community are engaging in meaningful conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion through the Parents Group on Inclusivity (PGI) and faculty/staff meetings, it is important for our students to have deliberate and intentional opportunities to explore further and ask questions.

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