Board of Trustees

Curtis is governed by a Board of Trustees. Historically, the Board has been comprised of parents, past parents, alumni and friends of the school.

Principles of Governance


The board establishes policy and works closely with the head of school and administration to ensure that these policies are implemented. New trustees are elected by the board and generally serve two or three 3-year terms. Trustees contribute a significant amount of time to ensure the strategic and financial health of the school. Collectively, Curtis trustees bring expertise and experience from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds to bear on the work of the board.


Standing committees of the board include Advancement, Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Governance/Commitee on Trustees, Planning, and the Head of School Committee. Board Liaisons consist of Academic Affairs and Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusivity. The board also has special task forces that are created from time to time to make recommendations to the full board and, unless otherwise specifically authorized, final policy approval rests with the full board. Administrators, faculty members, and parents may be invited to serve on the committees at the pleasure of the board chair and the head of school. The head of school, chief operating and financial officer, president of the Parents Association, president of the Alumni Council, and other administrators regularly attend board meetings as non-members. Trustees serve on a volunteer basis without remuneration of any kind.

Board of Trustees

Allan Schweitzer '79, Chair
Tracy Minker '88, Vice Chair
Alex Nehorai, Treasurer
Vanessa Keith Garcia, Secretary
Rob Friedman, Parliamentarian

Erikson Albrecht
Kavitha Bhatia
Dilip Bhavnani
Steve Chang
Shadi Daneshrad
Rachel Edwards
Katherine Holmes-Chuba
Sharoni D. Little
Jim Miller '90
Kevin Newman '83
Priscilla Sands
Craig Varnen
Jon Wimbish
Rachel Yang