Why Curtis

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We are excited to share with you some of the things that make Curtis so special. We all want what’s best for your child, so we want this process to be an enjoyable exchange in which we all get to know each other better.

Curtis is a community of happy children, enthusiastic teachers, supportive administrators and staff, and active parent volunteers. Together, we pursue our mission to develop, in every child, a sound mind in a sound body governed by a compassionate heart.

To begin the application process, please complete an inquiry form.  Once applications are available you may complete and submit one and then schedule your visits to Curtis.

Siblings of current students, employees' children, and children of alumni will be given preference once they have met the Admissions' requirements.

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  • Academics

    More is known today about the natural stages of development than ever before, including how to leverage what’s happening developmentally with what’s possible academically. We want children to embrace and engage in their learning, so we always begin with the child: what they’re capable of, what they need, and how to marry the two.

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  • Connection

    In many settings—the workplace, friendships, and even in school—the value of human connection has been forgotten. In turn, we miss the opportunity to expand our thinking by listening to and learning from others. These connections are vital to learning. We want students to make meaning of what they learn and understand how to formulate and support their point of view, so we help them understand the impact of their own character on others.

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  • Wellness

    Children today face different pressures and tensions than those faced by generations before them. When schools add to that pressure by imposing rigid expectations and mandates, they stifle creativity, individuality, independence, and growth. At Curtis, we balance students’ physical and emotional health, teach mindfulness, and help them develop physical and healthy habits that will set them up for fulfilling and sustainable success.

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  • Culture

    Independent schools have made meaningful progress in their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. At Curtis, we see our responsibility as greater than bringing together a diverse student population—we need to provide our students with the tools to interact fluidly among people of different social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds not just because that’s how things will be “out in the real world” or “in college,” but because of the school, the city, and the world they live in today.

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  • Community

    The Curtis community is one in which all members, especially children, can feel safe being themselves, in making true connections with peers, and in challenging themselves to try new things. We nurture a community of comfort where pretenses are abandoned in the pursuit of true connection and belonging.

At a Glance

At Curtis School, each lesson, exploration, and experience begins with the child; what do they need to feel a true and lasting connection to their learning? Because when every stage of childhood is deeply understood and honored in the education of minds, bodies, and hearts, learning is forever joyful.

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  • 492

  • 27

    Acre Campus
  • DK, KG, 1st - 6th

  • 68

  • 1925

    Founding Year
  • $33,319.00

    Tuition '21-'22
8:1 (DK) 11:1 (K-2) 13:1 (3-6)
Student-to-Teacher Ratio

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  • Curtis Viewbook

    Discover more about Curtis in our Admissions Viewbook: Always Begin with the Child.
  • Accreditation

    Curtis School is accredited by both the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • Facilities

    Situated on a spacious 27-acre campus in the Mulholland corridor of the Santa Monica Mountains, Curtis School features:
    • Two Developmental Kindergarten classrooms
    • Three classrooms in each of Grades K-2
    • Four classrooms in each of Grades 3-5
    • Six home base/advisory classrooms for Grade 6
    • Multi-purpose pavilion
    • Auditorium
    • Curtis Library
    • Maker space
    • Computer lab classroom and a mobile computer lab
    • Three science classrooms
    • Robotics lab
    • Two visual arts classrooms
    • Three performing arts classrooms
    • Three playgrounds
    • Two teaching gardens
    • Three covered lunch areas
    • Two athletic fields
    • Indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts
    • P.E. locker rooms
    • Swimming pool
    • Parents Association room

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