Parents Group on Inclusivity

THE PARENTS GROUP ON INCLUSIVITY (PGI) is a monthly discussion group that provides a forum for Curtis parents and guardians to explore topics related to equity and inclusivity. All parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in PGI and this important work at Curtis.

What is PGI?

PGI offers parents and guardians a unique opportunity to focus on what we can do to teach our children how to value people—all aspects of people, including race, class, gender, religion, ability, and more. Through PGI, parents can openly share their stories, ideas, and experiences in an effort to support each other and the development of our children as 21st century global citizens, who utilize empathy, inquiry, and self-reflection as key skills to interact in the world.

What Curtis Parents and Trustees Are Saying about PGI ...

"My ultimate parental goal is to help mold my children to reflect a world I want to live in - one of kindness, empathy and appreciation for diversity. Derrick Gay and PGI have created a wonderful platform that has opened my mind and heart in a way that better assists me in my parenting."

"I now have a deeper understanding about the importance of discussing diversity head-on... by not talking about specific issues directly, children are left with too many unanswered questions and observations. I now feel more confident and better equipped to assist my children in this important dialog."

"The more I listen and learn [about] these perspectives and experiences, the more empathetic and effective I can be as a person, a mom, and a business person dealing with different cultures around the world."

"It is not only important, but imperative, to start this discussion in schools and create an environment for our children where they are able to understand and appreciate each other for their differences."

"Our PGI Meeting was very therapeutic and healing for me. It felt safe and welcoming to open up and share my parenting challenges while facing challenges and difficulties to deal with all the chaos in our world."