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Tell us what you have been doing! Even if it isn't "news" in your mind, we want to hear about you and your life. Examples include: how you are faring and adapting to fundamental changes to our society and world in recent months, as well as the past year for you (2019-2020)with respect to jobs, retirements, graduations, study and advanced education, travel, family news, personal and professional accomplishments, milestones, awards, passions, service, and anything you want to share with the Curtis community.

We will publish your news (with your permission and approval of the text) in the upcoming 2020 issue of the Curtis Magazine, Alumni Notes section. You may also share your news with us but opt out of having your note included in the Magazine by clicking the box on the form.

If you wish to include a photograph, please email it to and we will print it with your note, space permitting.

Please submit your note today to ensure inclusion in the Magazine. Publication will occur at the end of Summer 2020. Prospective news is also welcome.

If you have questions, please contact Alexis Shuster, Alumni Affairs Manager, or Dede Haglund, Publications Manager, at

We hope to hear from you!
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