It's Snowing Again at Curtis

In January, Curtis Developmental Kindergartners and Kindergartners can expect to enjoy a Snow Day ...
... not the kind you'd expect to keep children home from school, but the kind where they will be playing in it at school! Thanks to our DK & Kindergarten Team, our youngest students have had a snow day in January for a number of years. While the Southern California sun is shining and temperatures hover around 70 degrees, our students can be found frolicking in tons of fresh white snow delivered to campus for a day of fun like no other. With screams of excitement, students dressed in colorful mufflers, caps, and gloves, built snow people, made snow angels, rode saucers, and delightedly pelted each other with an endless supply of snowballs. For some, it was a first experience of the magical white world of snow, and for all, it was another of the many happy memories of childhood our students take with them from their time at Curtis and a reflection of our Curtis value "Cherish Childhood":

Childhood is brief and precious, a time of limitless potential and essential development. It is also a time to be savored for its own wonders, as it will not come again. A Curtis education honors these truths.


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