Loaves of Love for St. Joseph Center

4th Grade students resumed the school's beloved tradition of pumpkin bread for St. Joseph Center.
Last year, COVID-19 prevented our students from contributing their annual haul of pumpkin bread that St. Joseph Center distributes, along with food to make a Thanksgiving meal, to the many unhoused and low-income families and individuals it serves. This year, our 4th graders were able to resume this longstanding tradition and joyfully poured, measured, mixed and baked with love 617 loaves. Ingredients were donated by our families, and parents will also deliver the bread. Our 3rd-4th grades Buds and DK-2nd grades Seedlings student service groups added festive touches by making and decorating cards to tie onto the wrapped loaves. St. Joseph Center is a local non-profit that provides food and a variety of services to those in need. Over almost 20 years, Curtis students have baked 1000’s of loaves for St. Joseph Center’s Thanksgiving food effort and have grown Curtis compassionate hearts in the process.

Curtis’s Purpose statement (a product of the school’s Envision Our Future strategic plan) aspires that “Our graduates have purpose beyond themselves: they recognize how their contributions can bring about change and positivity, and understand their responsibility to the greater good.” Service learning is an integral element of our educational program and one way that the school inspires students to look outward and contribute to the greater good. We are proud of our students for representing Curtis well as they use their Curtis compassionate hearts to serve others.

Curtis is grateful for our students who are so eager to participate in activities that serve others and the dedication of teachers Debra Cohen and Debbie Taus-Kahn, who are committed to ensuring that this heartfelt tradition continues.

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