Living With Purpose

We are so thankful to our generous Curtis families who supported GO Campaign’s relief efforts at the border with a truckload of donations during our recent service drive!
At Curtis, we teach children to live with purpose. In all we do, a Curtis education strives to provide students with the skills, tools, and sense of purpose they need to be good people. We want our graduates to have purpose beyond themselves: to recognize how their contributions can bring about change and positivity, and understand their responsibility to the greater good. Our school and parent community provide meaningful opportunities for students to grow in leadership and contribute to the greater good. The drive for GO Campaign was just one of many service activities in which our students and families have engaged throughout the year.

Thanks to the generosity of our families, we collected bags and boxes overflowing with children’s clothing and shoes, diapers, baby wipes, face masks, hand sanitizer, and toys as well as duffle bags, backpacks, suitcases, and more to provide essential items for shelters for refugee children at the U.S/Tijuana border. Our amazing Roots & Shoots students demonstrated leadership by making announcements at Flag to educate our community about this project, and 6th graders spent an afternoon sorting the thousands of donated items to be delivered by GO Campaign partners. GO Campaign is “a national nonprofit organization based in Santa Monica, California, that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children in the USA and throughout the world.”

Thank you to all who participated and helped instill our students with a sense of purpose beyond themselves.

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