Update on Curtis School's PPE Effort!

Recently, Curtis’s technical specialist Patrick Lynch, spearheaded our school’s effort to help close the gap of much-needed PPE for healthcare workers by using the school’s printers to make masks.
We are excited that Curtis School has combined forces with a number of schools in Southern California to use our 3D printers to make masks to help first responders say safe, as they are doing the hard work on the front lines. Presently, we have printed 32 masks and that number will continue to increase. 
Our masks will go to the SFV Faith Based Coalition on Homelessness, which will complete the process by adding the filter material to the front of the masks and then deliver them to hospital workers in the San Fernando Valley.
Originally, we planned to print the masks with the clear shield in the front, but our printers do not have a large enough base to accommodate the headset that would need to be printed. In addition, we did not have a laser cutter to cut out the face shields themselves. So, we reached out to other schools in the area to see what other masks were needed. After discussion and much research, Mr. Lynch determined that the Montana Mask was what was being used most and that is what our printers are creating.
Mr. Lynch reflects, “The entire process has been very heartwarming. Seeing all the schools band together to get out these safety materials for our first responders is an incredible feeling.”
Note: If you have the resources to print masks, Montana Mask file for download can be found HERE along with some videos on how to put the mask and the filter together.