Curtis School Has Launched Remote Learning!

The Curtis School campus closed to students and their families on Monday, March 16, and we transitioned that same day to a Remote Learning Program to continue our students’ education without interruption.

At Curtis, we are mindful that each lesson, exploration and experience begins with the child, and we ask ourselves: What do they need to feel a true and lasting connection to their learning? This is no less true during these uncertain times. In a matter of days, our teachers, administrators and tech team were able to create and implement a plan to keep our young learners engaged, challenged, and connected with their learning and with each other. Our educators are working hard to ensure the continuity of our students’ education. They are creating new lessons and educational materials for their students and refining methods of teaching and communicating with their classes via video conferencing. At the same time, our students are reacting nimbly, adjusting to new class schedules and a new set of expectations, developing new routines, and exercising resilience.

We are so very fortunate that our Curtis community is a strong and supportive one. We look forward to the reopening of our campus in the future and to welcoming back our students and families. In the meantime, we wish
everyone health, safety, and security as our world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic.