6th Graders Enjoy Electives

Fall electives have begun for 6th Grade and they include such tantalizing offerings as Life Skills, Drawing and Painting from Nature, Yoga, Destress for Success, Yearbook and Photography, Making Change (designing a project that benefits our school or local community), EV3 LEGO® Mindstorms® Robotics, and Chamber Music Reading.
The 6th Grade program at Curtis is departmentalized and focuses on smoothing the transition to middle school by building skills that will equip our students to successfully meet the new and different expectations they will encounter next year.
In 6th Grade, our students learn to move between classrooms and teachers for different subjects, use planners, keep their lockers organized, decide what materials to bring to class and home, make good use of their advisory period and study hall, and visit teachers during office hours.
Electives are also a part of the 6th Grade experience. Electives give students the chance to explore and deepen their interests and preview the kind of choice they will have in determining their areas of study in secondary school.
In Life Skills this week, students mixed and poured to make some quick and easy, no-cook dishes, while in De-Stress for Success, they danced away their tension. The robotics group worked on their robot missions, and students in the Drawing and Painting class used paper frames to “crop” views of the campus that they then sketched. We look forward to seeing what the 6th graders experience in the coming weeks as they grow and explore through electives.

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