A Great First Week!

Week 1 has been a great beginning to the school year! Students are settling into their classroom routines and setting up goals for the year. P.E. classes are beating the heat, splashing around in the Curtis pool. Fourth graders are changing into uniforms for P.E. as they join the Cougar Athletics program. Sixth graders are getting used to locker combinations, using organizers and consulting a schedule. Our students are "mixing it up," sitting at numbered tables at lunchtime so that everyone has a place to land and meet others in their grade.

All through the week, we relished the joyful buzz and energy generated by having our Curtis families on campus to join in our community traditions. We had what looked like a record number of parents at our first-day Welcome Back Flag Assembly, where Dr. Ratnesar introduced new faculty and staff and led students in a dialogue about the meaning of our mission "a sound mind in a sound body, governed by a compassionate heart." On Wednesday, the Auditorium was packed at the first Parents Association meeting, where parents heard from Dr. Ratnesar, Allan Schweitzer '79, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the PA leadership, while many committee members were busy handing out Fair t-shirts and Cougar Wear and taking sign-ups to host Party Book parties.

And we had another big turnout today at the first First Friday Flag of the school year, where we continued our traditions of celebrating student and faculty birthdays of the week and "compassionate heart" moments.

We thank all our families for bringing their love and support to school and making this first week such a heartwarming and great start to the new year. After such an amazing first week back, we cannot wait to see what Week 2 brings!