September Message from Meera

There is something so unique and wonderful about working in a school and especially the lived experience of the first day of school. There is a newness to everything on the first day of school, whether it’s your first day in DK or your 30th year teaching. And with the newness comes hope and anticipation for great learning and growing in the days and months ahead. To me, the first day of school never gets old, and the great excitement we feel as our students begin anew the journey of inquiry, discovery and mastery is something I treasure deeply as an educator.
In the weeks ahead, at Back-to-School Nights, I will be sharing with you the ways in which Curtis School will grow and continue to flourish under the Envision Our Future strategic plan. I am inspired by our plans for the future and excited to share them with you so that we can partner as a community to ensure that our students today and in the future get to experience the newness of first days at Curtis School. I hope that you will mark your calendars for this information-rich preview of how the strategic plan we envisioned together will shape our school beginning this year.
As I reflect on this first week at Curtis, I am filled with gratitude for our faculty, staff and the many parent volunteers who helped make the start of the school year such a joyful experience for our students and community. On this, our national Labor Day, I hope that you’re taking time to cherish your kid’s childhood and celebrate the milestone of starting a new school year filled with growth, learning and thriving.
With gratitude,
Dr. Meera Ratnesar
Head of School