Dana Coleman

Dr. Dana Coleman is an inspiring educational leader and advocate who has dedicated her life to creating equitable learning environments for students. A native Angeleno and parent of a middle schooler, Dana has devoted her career to transforming the experiences of marginalized communities in education.
She has extensive experience developing curricula and evaluation tools for student-centered and accessible learning and working on state-level credentialing assessments and bias committees. Moreover, she brings her passion for social justice to all her work, evident in her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice from LMU and her dissertation, The Schooling Experiences of African American Males Attending Predominately White Independent Schools.

Dana Coleman is the Executive Director for the Independent School Alliance, a powerful coalition of Los Angeles schools that work to bridge access gaps and expand opportunities for talented students who are underrepresented in independent education. Dana has a bold vision and a deep commitment to educational excellence, access, and diversity. For 38 years, the Independent School Alliance has empowered the dreams of dynamic students, transforming schools and society along the way.

Outside of her career in education, Dr. Coleman is also a trustee for an independent school and a member of independent school parent boards. Dana and her husband are big fans of live music and travel the world with their son and two spoiled pups. 

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