Associate Teacher (Lower Elementary)

Curtis values every teacher—each with his or her own passions, history, and skills. We encourage teachers to be learners, too, exploring and collaborating even as their students do. At the same time, we ensure a high degree of consistency and a common commitment to school-wide learning goals—across classrooms, within disciplines, and monitored from grade to grade—so that every one of our students receives a strong foundation for future success.
Job Description:
The Associate Teacher position is a full-time teaching position. Associate Teachers are expected to participate in Parallel* and/or Complementary Teaching* with the Lead Teacher in the classroom every day. The Associate Teacher is primarily engaged in the duty of imparting knowledge to pupils by direct teaching or collaborative instruction. Specifically, Associate Teachers are teaching at least 50% of their total time employed. Associate Teachers are under the direct supervision of the Lead Teacher and Associate Teacher Representative. They report to the Head of the Lower Elementary Division.

*Parallel Teaching is when two teachers instruct different groups of students at the same time in the classroom. Each teacher is responsible for a particular group of students, and depending on the lesson or the subject, is either monitoring for the understanding of a whole-group lesson or providing small-group, guided instruction. Both teachers exercise discretion and independent judgment in performing their duties as teachers.

*Complementary Teaching is when one teacher does something to enhance the instruction provided by the other teacher. One teacher takes on the responsibility for designing the lesson, but both teachers share in the delivery of information and both teachers exercise discretion and independent judgment in performing their duties as teachers.

The Associate Teacher Will
  • Be responsible for specific components of the curriculum and work with the Lead Teacher on instructional planning, teaching, and student assessment. Both teachers exercise discretion and independent judgment in performing their duties as teachers.
  • Share responsibility, with the Lead Teacher, for maintaining the classroom environment (e.g., organizing materials, designing bulletin boards, setting up learning centers and work areas, and photocopying materials).
  • Collaborate with the Lead Teacher to implement the Responsive Classroom Approach.
  • Contribute assessment data and information to all students’ report cards.
  • Collaborate with the Lead Teacher on classroom CougarNet pages.
  • Attend Back to School Night, Open House, all Parent-Teacher Conferences, Admissions Testing, Faculty Workshop Days, Grade-Level or Specialist’s Meetings, and all mandatory professional development.
  • Be evaluated two times a year, with one formal lesson observation.

In order to provide more time for planning with the Lead Teacher, homeroom Associate Teachers will not attend specialist classes. (The only exception is when the class is swimming.)

Qualified Candidates Will
  • Have completed a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Be enrolled in (or have completed) a teacher-credential program.
  • Have experience working with elementary-school-aged children.
  • Recognize and believe in the importance of diversity in the life of a school.

Additional Responsibilities
  • Morning Break Duty
  • Lunch & Recess Duty
  • Afternoon Carpool Duty
  • Substitute for the Lead Teacher, when necessary.

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources, at

Curtis School

15871 Mulholland Drive  ·  Los Angeles CA 90049