Curtis Creative Guild

Curtis Creative Guild is an extracurricular organization that is one part workshop, one part think tank. CCG is open to students in Grades 4-6.
CCG gives students in 5th and 6th Grades the freedom to explore new materials and immerse themselves in areas of investigation beyond those that are covered in the school’s visual arts curriculum. Students also work together to design and make meaningful art and products for the school.

Students work in a group setting in a classroom, with access to a wide variety of art and technology materials and tools. Students in CCG are expected to be self-starting and to bring their ideas to completion. CCG faculty advisors are present to supervise and to provide resources.

A recent group project combining art with technology consisted of programming robotic vehicles to transmit video to laptops where visitors could remotely drive the vehicle through a cityscape the group designed.

Curtis School

15871 Mulholland Drive  ·  Los Angeles CA 90049