Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a lunchtime conversation group for 5th and 6th Grade students that meets once a month during the school year.
All students in these grades are welcome and encouraged to participate. Meetings are facilitated by the School Psychologist and an Upper Elementary teacher. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe space in which to engage in conversations that will help students grow as global citizens who are empathetic to and understanding of all differences and identities. Meetings are planned by the School Psychologist in consultation with the co-facilitator, the Head of School and other equity and inclusion practitioners and educators around the country.

Potential discussion topics include invisible and visible differences, identity (who you are and how you see yourself), and sharing of each other’s cultures, religions and family traditions.

At Curtis, we are constantly striving to create a kinder, more inclusive and empathetic school and, by extension, world, through our efforts to develop culturally competent individuals who value the influence of a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Just as the adults in our community are engaging in these conversations through the Parents Group on Inclusivity and faculty/staff meetings, it is important for our students to have deliberate and intentional opportunities to further these conversations.

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