Choir Program

All Choir and Instrumental Program members have regular, weekly group practice schedules. All members perform at the Curtis Winter and Spring Concerts and Grandparents & Special Friends Day Concert. In addition, Choir and Instrumental Program students perform one spotlight concert for our community during the year.

Both the Curtis Orchestra and the Curtis Choir perform off-campus in a Southern California music festival in the spring, which is adjudicated by professional musicians and musical directors. We are incredibly proud that tour Symphony Orchestra has performed 15 times at the Forum Music Festival, winning nothing less than Gold and Silver ratings, and our Curtis Choir has performed 16 times at the Forum Music Festival and has an unbroken record of Gold-rated performances!

Beginning and intermediate students with an interest in instrumental music may participate in Preparatory Strings, Preparatory Band (woodwinds and brass) and Preparatory Percussion. More accomplished instrumental students are eligible to join Curtis Strings or Curtis Band. Instrument classes are extracurricular and take place during lunch time and after school. Students who are interested in vocal performance may participate in the Curtis Choir.

Participation in the Choral and Instrumental Program is open to all students in grades 3-6 and requires an audition with the director/conductor at the beginning of the school year. Rehearsals are scheduled before school, during lunch recess and after school, depending on the group. The Curtis Choir and instrumental groups perform in all-school concerts (Winter, Spring, and Grandparents & Special Friends Day) and at special flag assemblies. These musicians take center stage in their own evening Showcase Concert at Curtis in the second half of the school year. The Curtis Choir, Curtis Strings and Curtis Band also perform in a local music festival in the spring. 

Choir and the instrumental groups are graded, curricular classes that are additional to participation in the student's regular, grade-level performing arts class. Choral and Instrumental Program members are expected to demonstrate the highest commitment to attendance, dedication to musical learning, teamwork and cooperation.