Shelby Slayton - Lower Elementary Associate Teacher

I’m heading into my second year at Curtis as an Associate Teacher. Before I joined the faculty at Curtis, I taught Developmental Kindergarten at Brentwood Sunshine Preschool. I hold a Bachelor's degree from UCLA in Art History and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and a Master's degree from Pacific Oaks College in Early Childhood Education. I am thrilled to have been selected to receive a travel grant!

I’ve always had a strong passion for ancient civilizations, specifically ancient Egypt. For my upcoming adventure, I will be exploring Egypt's past, present and future. I will be investigating how Egypt creates an inclusive environment for all to thrive in. With Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo, Luxor and Thebes on my list of stops, I will be able to see Egypt through many lenses and explore the Coptic Christian and Muslim areas of each city. I cannot wait to come back to school and share pictures, stories, and archeological treasures of this rich culture and ancient civilization with the children of Curtis School.