Misty Hahn - Science Teacher (DK-2) & Mikayla Park - Science Associate Teacher (DK-2)

We are heading to the shores of the Caribbean Sea in southeast Costa Rica, to the small beach town of Puerto Viejo del Talamanca. It is the perfect location from which to start our journey into the rainforest, with access to animal sanctuaries, shores for turtle watching, the Arenal volcano and the jungles themselves. We look forward to bringing back a new understanding of this crucial and endangered part of the world’s ecosystems and using it to teach our students lifelong lessons about the power and fragility of nature and the importance of being conscious, global groundskeepers of the world around us.

Misty Hahn, Curtis's Lower Elementary Science Teacher, has been teaching at our school for 18 years. She has taught in every Lower Elementary grade level and combines this broad experience with a deep passion for science. Ms Hahn's love for animals, nature, and the environment is evident in her classroom and her teaching, and she is ecstatic to be able to expand her knowledge through this trip and bring back what she has learned to share with her students and the Curtis community. Anyone who knows Ms Hahn, knows that her obsession with sloths has no bounds, and this trip presents an opportunity of a lifetime to encounter her great love firsthand.

Mikayla Park is thrilled to have completed her first year as the Lower Elementary Science Associate Teacher in 2016-17. She comes from Springfield, Virginia, and graduated with honors from The College of William and Mary. She is a familiar face to the Curtis community, having worked at the school for several years as a substitute teacher as well as in Misty Hahn's Science Adventures Camp. Her thirst for adventure was whetted on a summer gig as an on-set tutor in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she went on safari, wrestled baby elephants, and snuggled with lion cubs at a rescue sanctuary. She can’t wait for the new, unexpected animal encounters this trip will offer.