Learning at Curtis

Goals for Learning

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  • Anti-Bias

    Our Anti-Bias framework teaches and prepares students to engage in critical self-reflection, to understand that feeling discomfort is part of the anti-bias journey, and to respect each other’s identities.

    Anti-Bias Goals for Learning
  • Art

    The visual arts program strives to inspire students and equip them with the necessary skills and processes to create, express and communicate with artistic intention. We believe that through the exploration of art, students can achieve a better understanding of the world around them in both body and mind.

    Art Goals for Learning

  • Character Education

    Our approach to character education is to engage our students, in the context of authentic experiences, with the concepts, ideas, and practices of the caring and ethical treatment of self and others.

    Character Education Goals for Learning

  • Mathematics

    Our math program equips student with the knowledge and habits of mind to appreciate and harness the power of mathematics.

    Math Goals for Learning

  • Performing Arts

    The Performing Arts Department provides a program that enables the students to fully explore their creative potential. At each grade level, students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to foster their imagination and curiosity, develop awareness and utilize critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

    Performing Arts Goals for Learning

  • Science

    The Curtis science program will instill in every child an understanding and passion for science. The program will lead students through a developmentally appropriate, hands-on, inquiry based approach in which they will learn to apply scientific procedures to make informed evidence-based decisions.

    Science Goals for Learning

  • Social Studies

    Our social studies program strives to engage and inspire. It equips students with skills necessary to access historical content and current events. We believe each student is capable of making a difference in the world, and our curriculum provides them with the tools to do so.

    Social Studies Goals for Learning

  • Writing

    Our writing program prepares students for a world that values clear written communication and where writing is a critical part of expression.

    Writing Goals for Learning