Our Community

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

CURTIS SCHOOL IS COMMITTED to fostering a diverse community of students, employees and families; to supporting an inclusive environment for all children and adults; to developing the cross-cultural competency of all its constituents; and to valuing the influence of a wide range of experiences and backgrounds in our curriculum, programs and interactions as members of a learning community.

Community Long-Range Strategic Plan Objectives

CURTIS SCHOOL BELIEVES that the measures of its educational success, and the diversity and inclusion of its learning community, are inseparable from each other. We are committed to developing an ever more diverse and inclusive environment for children and adults on campus, and to enhancing the school's relationship with the broader community. To support these community-building efforts, the school has placed special emphasis on the following practices:

  • Attracting, retaining and supporting a more diverse community of children and adults
  • Providing professional development and parent education to ensure a more inclusive and supportive community
  • Improving the transparency of school communications and the inclusivity of family events in order to promote a healthy family-school partnership
  • Promoting consistent and effective strategies to support students' self-direction, social skills, resilience and empathy
  • Refining educational programs, instructional strategies and curriculum to support developmentally appropriate goals for multicultural education, cross-cultural competency and inclusive class environments
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with other schools and organizations in the public and private sectors in order to explore and address common challenges

Faculty Inclusivity Group (FIG) & Parents Group on Inclusivity (PGI)

THE FACULTY INCLUSIVITY GROUP (FIG) and the Parents Group on Inclusivity (PGI) were created at the start of the 2016-2017 school year with the goal of bringing all parents, faculty, administrators and staff into the critical conversation and work around diversity and inclusivity at Curtis School.

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Board Liaisons for Diversity & Multiculturalism

Vanessa Keith Garcia
Sharoni D. Little

THE BOARD LIAISONS FOR DIVERSITY AND MULTICULTURALISM liaise with the Administration, reporting to the Board of Trustees about initiatives and considerations pertaining to diversity and multiculturalism, and reporting to the Administration those concerns that might interest or concern members of the Board of Trustees.