A Curtis Compassionate Moment at Flag

Curtis Third Grader Speaks Up about Climate Awareness
At Flag Assembly, at the start of the week of September’s Global Climate Strike, a Curtis third grade student stepped up to the microphone to share with our community the story of Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist who sailed under solar power from Sweden to the United States to address the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit and who urged the delegates to act now to protect the planet from the damage that is being inflicted by climate change.
The student read from a four-page speech they wrote about Greta’s climate crusade and called our own community to action, noting: “We can all make a difference if we just do it. … Greta is a great example of a young person changing the minds of millions of people. So, just start changing the minds of your friends and families.”
This third grader a great example of a Curtis student who is developing and using their Curtis “sound mind” and “compassionate heart” that speak to our mission as a school. We are so proud of our student for being informed and passionate about issues that affect our world and for delivering this message to our school community on their own initiative.
At Flag a week later, the student was recognized and celebrated for their initiative and their caring and received a Curtis “Compassionate Heart” patch from our Head of School, Dr. Ratnesar. This Curtis third grade student exemplifies the kind of student that Curtis School aspires to develop: “Students who have purpose beyond themselves, who recognize how their contributions can bring about change and positivity, and who understand their responsibility to the greater good.” We thank this student for their contribution to the greater good.


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