• Create

    Designing an environment and community that support children's learning to create, to design, and to solve.

  • Understand

    Attending to the needs of every child as they learn to understand new ideas and skills.

  • Reflect

    Helping children to reflect on their ideas, feelings, and choices in their learning and their lives.

  • Transmit

    Teaching new skills and understandings that children learn to practice, show, and share.

  • Include

    Engaging students as active participants in a diverse community of learning.

  • Strive

    Empowering children to meet challenging goals in their learning and their lives.

  • C
  • U
  • R
  • T
  • I
  • S
  • New Head of Curtis School Announced

    Meera Ratnesar has been named the new Head of Curtis School. Please click HERE to read more.

  • Choir and Orchestra Enrollment

    The 2014-15 Curtis Choir and Orchestra Program is now enrolling students for the new school year. Please follow this link to read more.

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Thu Oct 23

DK Sara Fraser Coffee

PA Room 8:30am
Fri Oct 24

1st Grade Curriculum Presentation

von Furstenberg Auditorium 8:30am
Tue Oct 28

Make Up Picture Day

von Furstenberg Auditorium 8:30am